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Using Items

The last category left for you to do before you can call your character fully compatible with LF2, leaving you to finally create all kinds of awesome special moves and polish everything to perfection. This is the part where even Marti got lazy on the original LF2 characters. Because of that you are free to do the exact same.


You can easily skip drawing this by reusing the crouch from the jumping action.


This is essential for your character to refill health and mana. You can of course make him throw the bottle away instead, making the character unable to drink.

Heavy Walking

For this you will have to redo the basic walking with raised arms (or just one) to carry a heavy object.

Heavy Running

Again the basic action with raised arms to carry a heavy object.

Heavy Throw

For the first of these two actions you can reuse the heavy running stop. This action is also used to throw caught characters.

Weapon Attack

This is the exact same as the punching action except with a weapon. For that reason you can easily use just 4 actions or less instead of the displayed 8.

Run Weapon Attack

Many character simply use the normal weapon attack with different timing instead of a custom animation like the Template.

Sky Weapon Attack

This attack is titled "sky" because all characters use the same animation for both the jump and the dash weapon attack. You can make them differ but you don't have to.

Weapon Throw

Like a normal attack this can work with just 2 actions. Also you might be able to reuse the second action from the heavy throw.

Sky Weapon Throw

Again this can do with just 2 actions instead of three.

Congratulations, even if you have done everything this far at an absolute minimum your character is still fully playable. You can now delve into creating special moves or expand and polish the existing actions. For further reading I have also taken a look at all the actions from the template that are not used in game: