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Media Hub

This section shall contain all the various other media that is not directly downloadable LF2 content. I am starting this off with a few tutorials from my main expertise: changing LF2 character data. I will never post any standard procedures here, that means you cannot find examples for what I do in the original LF2 data files. In that sense you could call all of these things exploits as I am doing things that were not supposed to be done with this game.

The first article is about pressing two buttons at the same time to perform a new action:

Double Key Inputs

The second is a guide on how to quickly plan all basic character actions:

Character Development

Third article, how to utilize holding the backwards key:

Holding Back

Also if you have not seen the Extras from the recent Maveric overdrive edition yet, they belong into this section too:


Here are some backgrounds I made, I personally use "Choose Your Character":

Little Fighter Backgrounds

Future articles might be about:

I have often already posted some of this content inside forums, but I will go into more detail here and put a lot more effort into it.