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I gathered all the Maveric images I could find among the rescued files of my old hard drive and cut them together thematically. Most of these are Matts work, sometimes mixed with my not so neat looking attempts. Maybe you can figure out which parts I drew? (In that case don't read on yet and just look at the pictures)

At first Matt drew that basic stance and I created two different arm devices. I wanted him to be similar to Loz from Final Fantasy: Advent Children, having a weapon attached to his arm and capable of moving at extremely high speeds.

Then Matt designed the character. As you can see we struggled most with his hair. I even suggested and drew that bandanna to get around this issue. In the last row you can see Matt going over board with the details, adding two belts, a scar and a leather glove. To not have too much clutter that needs to be drawn on every frame we decided for one of the good looking simpler versions just adding the EMD. The little cloth on his elbow is a detail kept to make wearing that glove more comfortable.

This is the first left fist punch Matt made. Even though we ended up using a more common one I still like this one very much.

On the left you can see a little concept of his directable and slightly homing blasts. And the following picture contains a lot of sketches for his skip slash, where we tried to figure out how we want him to move. I now realize that the backslash start Matt sketched out first might have been a lot cooler.

The next picture contains sketches of the last move we made for him. Even tho the final stance looks really awesome here the game sprites show him from the back so he continues his motion instead of turning back again.

And the last one shows sketches for the counter versions of the same two moves.

I may update this page if you have any questions or if I get some comments and thoughts from Matt.

Maveric: character collaboration sprited by Matt