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The >Links section is sorted into LF2 related links, hosting service and other websites. The LF2 related section is self explanatory I hope. The hosting section contains the current services I'm using myself. And the last section will contain other websites I am active on.

LF2 related


The official homepage of Little Fighter 2 by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong. This 2D freeware fighting game is the reason why I have a homepage. The game is easy to pick up, easy to modify, very well made and in my case its replay value is infinite. The forum has a chinese and an english section. I have posted quite a few of my projects there and will continue to do so.


Little Fighter EMPIRE

This is MH-Razens homepage and the official LF2 Fanpage. The best thing about it is probably the datachanging section, because it explains all the basic and advanced stuff. If you want to start modifying LF2 you should have a look there. The site is available in english and german. The english forum is the most constantly active LF2 forum I know.


This forum focuses on spriting LF2 related graphics, mostly characters. Whenever it is active and inhabited it is a good place to discuss, share or compete.


LF2 Lobby

You want to play online, connecting to more than one other computer? Use this nifty lobby server made by Chiko. It also works great to set up a perfectly even 1 on 1 match without much trouble bypassing your router and typing in IP addresses.


LF2 Replays

You have recorded awesome LF2 replays to share? Upload them there and by magic of Silva and Zort it will be listed including a full summary of the fight.

Hosting services


I have only started to use their service at the very beginning of 2013. I hope it will continue to work well.


All my downloads are hosted on this page. It's a pretty great service and has not let me down yet.


I didn't really get this websites purpose at first. The social features of it are horrible and if you are ever truly looking for something specific you will be hopelessly lost. Still I do have an account I occasionally post or reblog weird things with. And it's great whenever your favourite artists or developers are active, so you can enjoy news and insights that contain more than 140 characters. That's not all the rage for me though. Tumblr really shines because it was really easy to create an additional blog that is now tied to my website.

Other websites


The one and only video hosting site I am registered at. I've gotten much better with my recording equipment over the years, throughout my early videos you can see how audio and video quality improve. I am using camstudio to record my screen and even have an okay webcam in case I ever decide on revealing my other hobbies on youtube. In any case I will try to include more video media from there on here.


As it goes I occasionally create things that make me think someone might call it art. Mostly visual art such as drawings or photos but sometimes I do have to take a photo of the actual object I made. All of that goes onto deviantArt. I do not get a lot of feedback there but I'm staying because of the artists I watch and my favourite collections. I have also created an LF2 group and submit LF2 designs and animations that haven't become a playable download yet. Maybe I will at some point also submit full downloads; even tho it may seem an unusual submission for deviantArt I do consider lots of my LF2 work to be art.


Most interesting way of experiencing your music. The game creates a unique 3D roller coaster like track for any sound file you feed it. You then ride it with a futuristic vehicle in sync with the music and collect blocks that drive on the lanes similar to a DDR game except the goal is not to hit as many as possible but to stack them as clever as possible on the grid below you. There are rankings for any file ever played and each difficulty (casual, pro, elite). I myself prefer the Mono modes as they can be either relaxing or really intense without getting too complicated. Challenge me if you like.

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