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Holding Back

Firen: hit_Fj:

Using inbuilt tags of LF2 it is possible to make very precise actions upon pressing or holding the back key. LF2 only uses this to stop certain moves such as Firens fire run, but for all of them you can also use the defend key. However combining hit_d and mp tags properly allows you to limit it just to the back key and do anything with it you like.


Whenever a negative mp: value and hit_d: are inside a frame activated by next: you can press defend or hold back to go to the frame specified in hit_d:. Here is a sample frame of Firens special move shown above:

<frame> 257 burn_run pic: 165 state: 19 wait: 2 next: 261 hit_d: 218 mp: -10 ... <frame_end>
<hover to view code>

To prevent the use of the defend key one can simply add an impossible to reach mp tag inside the frame to go to, such as mp: 99999*. Here is an example of how to use this to prolong Woodys Tiger Dash start:

Woody: hit_Fj:

If the backwards key is held inside frame 251 the character goes to frame 249 which in turn sends him back to frame 251. As long as the key is held the character will thus practically stay in frame 249. Visually only picture 152 will show and technically he will defend the whole time due to state: 7. That means the hit_d redirection acts before any of the frames properties show up in game.

There are three more important things to know:


You can use this for many more things than simply stopping a characters looping action:

Maveric: character collaboration sprited by Matt