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Historic Actions

Many mechanics and actions had been planned, sprited and even appear in the data; But didn't make it into the game. Some of them were relics of LF1, others were new concepts later dropped again. My assumption is that they were not only dropped because they didn't feel right for the gameplay; They also weren't worth the effort compared to what difference they made. Here is a list of what you will definitely never have to sprite, unless you really want one of those mechanics for your character:

Dash Defense

This was a new concept that was dropped again, frame 95 is still reserved for this action in the data. It is questionable as to when a character was supposed to use this. When dashing forward the sprited position doesn't make sense. And a character doesn't really have enough air time to properly execute a block, let alone do it in a back dash.


This is one of the basic attacks each character had in LF1 (two punches, two kicks). In favour of only two character specific normal attacks and the jump attack normally being a single kick the second kick for template had been dropped from the data.


This is the state characters went into when low on mana in LF1. One couldn't move until the mana points were regained to a certain level. Also jumping and running used up mana, thus tiring the characters (this concept has been reintroduced in Hero Fighter as a stamina bar). The data frame in template is 207 (and was probably meant to be 208 and 209 as well). Having the fighters constantly getting tired just breaks flow of gameplay.

Extra Flip

This is just a third frame for templates flipping animation. It is not in use and flipping only uses two frames in each direction for all characters.

Old Drinking

This is how LF1 characters drinking looked like. It has been replaced with a new drinking animation later in the development, which you can recognize due to the different quality of the white lines.

Dash Weapon Attack

This wasn't even sprited out on the template, it's just a copy of the normal jump weapon attack. And that applies to almost all the characters created in the early development phase. As if they thought they'd eventually sprite them later on. The only difference they have now is the damage and timing they have due to the different data frames.

Maveric: character collaboration sprited by Matt