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Being Hurt

Once you have finished basic movement and attacks to a playable degree you will need to draw some hurt actions. To me these are the biggest chore, but without them your character is either invulnerable or unfinished and broken. Both options aren't fun. Luckily you can cut corners on these too.


Starting where we left of with the basic attacks this is the other side of the catching action. It has one action for being held, one for being hit from the front and one for being hit from the back. You can skip all of them if you make your character uncatchable as described on LFE.


These actions display the character being hit from the front and from the back. You might be able to reuse the caught actions for this purpose.


Two of these actions are used for being hit once from either side, while all three of them are used to animate a "dizzy from too many hits"-stance. This animation is important to indicate when a super punch can be performed or the character can be caught. Again you might be able to recycle actions from caught or injured, but I suggest you to make the dizzy animation stand out.

Hit Defense

This action displays when the character blocks an attack. Because this looks almost the same as defending and the character is also shaking when this happens you can simply reuse the defending action itself and slightly modify it later.

Broken Defense

This action displays when the characters defense is broken. You may be able to reuse other hurt actions for it, although generally this animation should not show the character taking a hit but rather struggling to stay on his feet.


Falling is the biggest chunk of all, because there is a set amount of frames for it including both directions. However looking closely at the two sequences one shortcut quickly becomes evident: The last action (bouncing up) can be a copy of the third action (hovering horizontally). This is done for falling backwards, it can also be done for falling forwards. You will only need to alter the bouncing actions a little when your character has a cape or anything similar that indicates his vertical movement. Besides that you can cut the amount of actions in half if you decide that your character shall only fall facing either up or down. In that case you can simply do just one direction and mirror it onto the other.


This action allows the character to get out of falling, evade a combo and land on his feet. If you have decided to only let your character fall into one direction you can also let him only flip into one direction. Another great option is to reuse the rolling actions.


If you don't want to create those you can make your character fire proof by connecting these frames to the falling frames.


Similar to the burning action you can skip this by connecting it to the dizzy or injured action.

You have hopefully skipped a lot of redundant actions so far, because you are about to finish the last required action group:

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