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Basic Movement

These are all the general movements every character can perform without using the attack button or getting hit. Most of them are highly essential and should not be missing in a character supposed to be on par with the originals. I recommend working on these first.


As soon as you have your single standing sprite done you can do this animation. All you have to do is move or stretch the upper body and arms around. That means three of these are only a variation of the first. Once you know how to create a breathing animation this is just one stance to draw. Because the breathing animation is fully customizable you can also use just one sprite. But that would make your character not breathe at all.


If you were clever and one of the breathing sprites fits into the walking animation you will only need to create 3 more for this one. The minimized template does this. Otherwise I recommend turning the body a bit to be facing more forward than it does while standing.


Even though it may not seem so on most sprite sheets running consists of 4 actions and not only 3. Every character has a special action when he stops running. This can often be merged with an action from punching or broken defense, using it for more than one purpose.


As this frame allows turning on the spot I recommend you to give your character a roughly symmetric shape. Don't lean your character too far to either side or have his feet move around a lot when he turns, simply because too much movement of that kind looks really awkward when your character is supposed to defend.


This action usually consists of 3 frames animating a simple roll. But it could also be called evading as some characters perform a different action to evade (such as Rudolf). The downside of these is that a character who does not touch the ground with his hands in this action cannot pick up weapons while he evades an attack. Rolling is possibly the least important from all of the basic actions. It is easy to drop it by replacing frame 102 with a copy of frame 110, thus replacing this action with defending (Example: Knight).


This uses two different crouch actions that should display the character going down before the jump and of course one simple in the air action. The crouch itself is highly essential to me as it looks weird if a character can jump without ever bending his knees, but you can of course reduce the crouching to one action. For the jump itself you should again use a symmetrical shape that only changes little when turning the character.


This action has a dash sprite for dashing backwards and forwards and also two relaxation sprites for both directions. One can do without the relaxation sprites, reducing the actions required by two. You can even reuse the jump sprite for every dash if it doesn't look too awkward. Julian and Knight do that.

If you are done with all the basic movement you can already have a look at how well your character fits into the game by moving him around. Next up is the possibly most fun part of all basic actions:

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