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Basic Attacks

These attacks are the actions performed most by your character during a fight. Thus you should pay a lot of attention to them. You can reuse a few attack actions on many of these, cutting the required work down a lot. This is ok to make your character playable as quickly as possible, but I suggest you to aim at giving your character as many different basic attacks as possible, because playing a character with diversity is a lot more fun. I recommend doing a minimum of them at first and only start expanding them once all other basic actions are done.

An attack always consists of three phases: startup, active and recovery. The best example is the Run Attack. The startup phase should never be missing as it gives the opponent time to react. Every attack that does not have the slightest delay before the hit is unfair. The recovery is the time frame after the hit during which the attacker is not able to act again yet. This is most important for a strong attack to give it a drawback in case it misses or gets blocked. However as you chain attacks together during gameplay the startup and recovery phases start to merge. Because of that you can drop the recovery phase on all quick and weak attacks entirely.


Punching normally requires 4 actions. One preparation and one hit action for each, left and right punch. You can reduce this by using only one preparation for both or just one single attack.

Super Punch

This should be a signature move for your character: a single strong attack or short combo to knock the opponent out.

Run Attack

You might be able to reuse the Super Punch. Most support characters do this (Bandit, Jack, Mark, ...).

Jump Attack

If you have a fitting attack on another action you can also reuse it here. Louis for example has the same kick for the Super Punch and the Jump Attack.

Dash Attack

If you are lucky you can reuse the jump attack action here. Julian and Davis for example do this.


This is the only attack action you can completely drop by simply getting rid of the itr in every walking frame. Otherwise this action has one grab, one holding and two attacking actions. Sometimes you can reuse other attack actions for this. Dennis for example reuses his basic kick actions. For full functionality this action also uses the heavy object throwing to throw the opponent.

When you have your character performing an attack on any of these actions you will of course also have to create actions for getting attacked:

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