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About Me

My name is Jan Leuschner, but online I usually go by the alias YinYin Falcon. You can hover your mouse over both names if you want to know how to pronounce them. On the right you can see a cutout from a very very old photo of me. I don't have my hair like that since 2006 and my girlfriend hates it (the hair you see there, not the fact), but as it serves as the base for my avatar and I still really like it I figured it should be on this page. I will add a recent picture once I manage to take one I like.

You might have noticed that I am a complete LF2 fanatic and strive to create more and more things for the game that fit seamlessly next to Martis original designs. Because of that I have been spending a lot of my time trying to get better at about every aspect of creating data, graphics and recently also artificial intelligence for the game. Also I really enjoy collaborating with anyone who excels at any of the required skills. I myself started out editing character data, which is what most people modifying LF2 did. And I still mainly work on that part especially when I collaborate with someone as this is the area I am best at. But of course I have by now explored all other data areas very well too, namely being other game objects, items, backgrounds and stages. I have also gotten pretty good at creating graphics, but sometimes I still lack the skill to meet my own expectations, where people I have worked with often managed that better than me. The artificial intelligence area is still pretty new and all the scripts I wrote so far are either too smart or not feeling quite right yet. I cannot really tell how well I manage in that area yet. The one area I will most likely always require help on is the modification of the game engine itself. I tried to learn it a little while creating Killer LF2, where I had to remove mana regeneration to turn that bar into ammunition. But if I do require a new feature from the engine, it often is of the complicated kind. And that would already take me days to figure out of how to even go about it. After that: half a year learning how to do it, just to figure out that my idea won't work. Instead, collaborating with Silva and combining my knowledge and experience of the game with his randomly acquired skill and passion for hex editing it was a lot more productive.

If you ever need advice at anything related to modifying or designing LF2 content I can probably help you or direct you to someone who can.

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