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Hello and welcome to my website. This page is all about the creations and collaborations I made for the free game Little Fighter 2 by Marti and Starsky Wong.

In the >About section you can read a little about myself. The >Reach section will hopefully always contain up to date information on how to contact me. The >Media section contains all kinds of articles from development processes to tutorials. The >Files section contains my actual creations for LF2. And the >Links section contains important or interesting websites.

At the very top I have recently added a button for you to switch to the Tumblr extension of my website. Click it to view updates and other LF2 related posts.
Below you can see the latest website related entry.

If you have not seen it yet, I spend last weekend participating in the ludum dare game jam. Which means I created this little game and all the required assets within 48h:

Tubutten Beetle

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Leo: character designed by Marti Wong